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It's a sequel.
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It's a sequel.


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For train users

Get off at the south exit of the Higashi-Nakagami Station on the JR Ome Line, and proceed diagonally from the left of the station rotary. After that, cross the intersection of "Showa Junior High School", go straight while looking at the municipal Akishima stadium on your left, cross the "Fukushima Kobanmae" intersection of Okutama Kaido, and go straight ahead. Go down the hill, turn right on the road with the sign "Kofukuji" on your right, and turn left in front of Kofukuji to find us on your right. It is about 15-20 minutes walk from "Higashi Nakagami" station.

For passengers

Go down the Chuo Expressway at the “Hachioji Toll Gate” and take Route 16 (Tokyo Loop) towards Haijima. After that, turn right at the "Dougataue" intersection that intersects the Shin-Okutama highway, and go straight on the Shin-Okutama highway. After passing the "Tama Ohashi Kita" intersection, turn left at the second traffic light and turn left on the road with the sign "Kofukuji" on your left. Turn left again in front of Kofukuji Temple and you will find us on your right.

Bus users

For those coming by Seibu Bus from JR Tachikawa Station (South Exit)
From the Tachikawa Station South Exit front bus stop, board the "Shindo Fukushima" bus and walk within 2 minutes from the last stop.
*Please note that Seibu and Tachikawa buses depart from the same bus stop. The ride time from "Tachikawa Station" is about 10 minutes.

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