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High voltage power supply

High-voltage power supply/bipolar high-voltage power supply
Bipolar high voltage power supply

Bipolar high voltage power supply BPHV303

Bipolar 30kV HV Power Supply

Bipolar high voltage power supply BPHV303

Basic specifications

Input voltage Single-phase AC100V 50/60Hz(AC85~264V)
Output power +/-30kV 400μA
output ON/OFF By panel switch
Polarity switching By switching the panel switch
Output display(7seg.LED) Voltage:5-digit(kV)
Current: 5 digits(μA)
Output monitor (BNC terminal) Voltage:DC0~+3V
Electric current:DC0~+4V
Output control INT:10-turn potentiometer
Ripple monitor (BNC terminal) Discharge detection on the load side is possible



Electron/ion beam deflection, electrostatic lens, laser printer charging process, corona discharge, dielectric strength test

Dimensional drawing

External form: JIS rack size H:249mm W:480mm L:490mm Weight:About 22 kg

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