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Message from the President
Message from the president

We want to be a passionate company that actively challenges difficult jobs.

Representative Director Yasunari Fukuda

In recent years, the development of electronic devices, which accelerates with the progress of science and technology, is remarkable.
Our company has been developing EMS business centered on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of scientific equipment and industrial equipment.
Since 2006, we have started the development and sales of high-performance high-voltage power supplies exclusively for electron guns and ion guns as our own products.
At Futex, we want to be a company that continues to grow with our customers by supporting manufacturing in an industrial nation and Japan. And we want to be a company where every employee can play an active role by challenging difficult work.
As a "value-added company", we at Futex aim to be an excellent company that continues to grow infinitely.

Representative Director Yasunari Fukuda  

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