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Technical information/High-voltage power supply
High-voltage power supply

In order to respond to the various needs of high-voltage power supplies and various electronic application devices to the maximum extent, Fuetex strives to be flexible by working on the latest technology of the times.
Please see the case examples below.

High voltage power supply case study

Case1: I want to control the ion beam of the FIB device

We recommend the B303 series. The IB303 series is a power supply system designed for controlling ion guns for FIB equipment. Accelerator power supply, filament power supply, suppressor power supply, extractor power supply are all built-in. In addition, it is possible to install two additional power supplies for the lens as an option.

Case2: I want a high-performance power supply necessary for controlling TFE-SEM electron guns

FE3030XPA is recommended. By designing the accelerating power supply exclusively, it has achieved extremely high stability and ultra-low ripple noise that are outstanding in the industry. FE303XPA can change the electron gun parameters of TFE-SEM independently. We can also make a completely customized design that matches the customer's system. Optimal for research and development of customers' electron guns and emitters such as changing accelerating voltage and adding electrodes.

Case3: Please tell us about the features of your company's high voltage power supply for electron guns (ion guns)

Power supplies for electron guns (ion guns) are not just products that combine high-performance high-voltage power supply modules. We believe that the TFE electron gun (ion gun) and the high voltage power supply are basically a set and should be one system. For example, it features a floating structure for each power supply, and a unique discharge path when a discharge occurs on the load side.

Case4: I want control software for developing an electron beam application system

Futex offers control software for FE303 series for TFE electron gun and IB3030 series for ion gun as an option. Simultaneously set various power supplies and monitor. It also has a sequence editor function that makes it easy to set up various power supplies sequentially and graphically.

Case5: Is it possible to support a semiconductor inspection system that uses electron beams?

In principle, it can be handled. In addition to the electron gun configuration specifications, we also propose specifications such as control systems, stigma systems, alignment systems, deflection systems, other magnetic field lenses, deceleration lenses, wafer chucking, etc. that are required for your system.

Case6: Is it possible to deal with special electron beam applications?

Available. First of all, please indicate what kind of power supply and functional unit your system requires. After that, we will propose modularization for each function as needed, and we will design and manufacture. For example, we can provide the power receiving unit and DC source power required for the system by system integration.

Case7: Is it possible to manufacture custom power supplies other than high-voltage power supplies?

Yes. For example, most charged particle beam applications require lens functionality. In addition to electrostatic lenses, Futex has a track record of developing general magnetic lens power supplies (constant current). Of course, the current stability can be 10ppm or less considering the stability required for the application.

Case8: How far can you handle X-ray applications?

Futex has developed a cold cathode X-ray generation system in collaboration with its partner company, Onizuka Glass. As of April 2011, it supports up to 20KV or less, but in the future we plan to develop high energy type products as needed. Consists of: X-ray tube, dedicated power supply, dedicated cable (please contact us by email for details)

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