Gun power supply, high-voltage power supply, a ion gun power supply, an X ray and a custom-made power supply are to FUTEX of high-voltage power supply and equipment of electronic applications.

Qualitative approach

FUTEX is trying to increase the customerユs satisfaction by supplying high voltage power supply or the product using electrical applications with latest technology meeting with the market requirements.. Please see the below as one of the example FUTEX has done.

Quality approach of high voltage power supply

Case 1: Controlling ion beam from FIB.

IB303series high voltage power supply is able to useful for this requirement. IB303 series is designed for getting the ion beam as being configured gun control and lens control as well. It is configured accelerating voltage power supply, filament current power supply, suppressor voltage power supply and extracts voltage power supply. Also two lenses voltage power supplies can be configured as an option.

Case 2: Setting up the TFE electron gun using high quality power supply.

FE303XPA is the best choice for this application. The accelerating voltage power supply in this power supply has been designed as ultra-high voltage stability and ultra- low ripple noise. Also FE303XPA can setup the necessary parameter of TFE gun individually. The FE303XPA can be redesigned based on the customerユs specification. So that FE303XPA is the best high voltage power supply for the customerユs research or experiment.

Case 3: The feature of FUTEX power supply for the electron gun or ion gun.

The power supply for the electron gun or ion gun has not been assembled the high voltage power supply module. FUTEX considers that the high voltage power supply for electron gun or ion gun must be designed as system. For instance the floating structures to prevent discharge or the design which make a discharge route are the feature of FUTEX technology.

Case 4: The software for controlling the electron beam application system.

FUTEX has provided the software for controlling FE303 series power supply for electron gum and IB303 series power supply for ion gun. The software can set up the voltage or current also show the voltage or current for every power supply. The software has the editor called sequential editor on graphical display which can make start up the every function in sequential.

Case 5: Is it possible to make the semiconductor inspection instrument using electron gun application?

Yes, it is possible. FUTEX can provide not only the electron gun configuration but also control system, astigmatism correction system, alignment system, scanning system, magnetic lens system, retarding plate system and wafer chucking system. FUTEX cam make the power supply based on the customerユs specification.

Case 6: Is it possible to make the power supply for special electron gun?

Yes, it is possible to propose the specification of the power supply or the other function unit meeting the customerユs specification then FUTEX proposes the configuration of the system modulation for every function. If the proposal has been agreed, FUTEX starts designing and developing the system. For instance it is possible to propose input receiver unit or source power supply as system integration.

Case 6: Is it possible to make the special order high voltage power supply?

Yes, it is possible. For instance in the application of charged particle beam, the lens functions are required in almost cases. FUTEX has experience of the magnetic field lens power supply (constant current power supply). The voltage stability is possible to be guaranteed less than 10ppm in these cases.

Case 8: In case of X-ray system applications, what FUTEX can make the instrument for it?

FUTEX has developed cold cathode X-ray generator system with Onitsuka Glass Ltd which has contract of an alliance with FUTEX. The system is functioning less than 20kV in 2011/Apr but there is the plan for development of higher energy X-ray generator. Configurations: X-ray tube, the specified power supply, the specified cable. (Please ask the detail for sending e-mail).

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