High-voltage power supplies for electron guns, ion guns, high-stability high-voltage power supplies, X-ray power supplies, custom-made power supply futex

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About high voltage power supply for electron gun
High-voltage power supply that can be customized to customer specifications.
Constant voltage power supply FLR series
Constant voltage power supply with ultra-low ripple noise and high stability.
High voltage power supply ESL102XP
4-channel output High voltage power supply for electrostatic lens.
Electron gun power FAG502XP
Electron gun power supply for Auger electron spectroscopy (CMA) equipment.
High voltage power supply IB303XP
+30KV high voltage power supply/high precision type for FIB ion gun.
For ultrasonic application evaluation DELTA STAR
Ultrasonic application evaluation unit

Futex can handle high-voltage power supplies for electron guns and ion guns, high-stability high-voltage power supplies,
X-ray power supplies, and custom-made power supplies.

Futex is a company that provides high performance power supplies with custom solutions for electron beam applications.
For high-stability high-voltage power supplies, electron gun power supplies, ion gun (FIB) power supplies,
X-ray high-voltage power supplies, and custom-made high-voltage power supplies, rely on Futex, which boasts an overwhelming track record.

【Business item】
Development of various power supply solutions for electron beam applications

Development and sales of various custom power supplies, high-voltage power supplies, and X-ray power supplies

EMS business for scientific instruments and medical devices (contract development design/manufacturing)

EMS business for semiconductor devices and industrial equipment


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