Electron gun, high voltage power supply for ion gun, high stability high voltage power supply, X-ray power supply, custom power supply Futex

Company profile

Management philosophy
Management philosophy

In order to continue to be an original manufacturing group, we always want to challenge the cutting edge of the times.

Management Philosophy

Futex is an ODM for high-value-added high-tech equipment such as scientific and scientific equipment and industrial equipment, including high-voltage power supplies for electron and ion beams.
We will continue to make things even if we have the desire to take on challenges.

Management philosophy

We are always challengers.
We always create new value, pledge the prosperity of the company, and contribute to the creation of a prosperous society.

Management vision

We aim to be a company that strives for superior cutting-edge technology and continues to create original core competencies, as well as satisfy both the physical and mental aspects of our employees, and continue to develop endlessly.

Action guidelines

(1) Our first mission is to serve our customers, and we will work wholeheartedly to tackle the issues we receive.
② To love the nation, love people, love the family
③ Create with sensitivity, act with order and reason
④ Keeping the spirit of challenge to new things
⑤ Take pride in playing a part in cutting-edge technology.
⑥ Always keep a humble heart, thank you

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