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High voltage power supply

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About high voltage power supply

Achieves industry-leading high performance with air insulation.

Futex's high-voltage power supply, which boasts industry-leading high performance, is being developed in consideration of environmental protection.
In particular, the effectiveness of Futex's original air insulation method has been attracting attention.

About Futex high voltage power supply

We will select the insulation method according to the purpose.

At Futex, the insulation method is used properly according to the output voltage and purpose. As a general rule, for power supplies of 50KV or less, the air insulation method or silicon mold method is adopted.In the case of superposed power supply of 50KV or more, or systems where long-term stability and minute discharge are not allowed, the environment such as insulating gas or alternative gas We provide insulating gas with a small load or no environmental load.

Futex's original air insulation method is patent pending.

High-voltage power supply manufacturing method that does not use SF6, which is necessary for manufacturing high-voltage power supplies, is an air-insulation method that insulates most of the power supply volume with air and solid-molds only part of the high-voltage generating part. is. This insulation method is currently patent pending.

We specialize in high voltage power supplies for electron guns, ion guns and X-rays.

Futex specializes in power supplies specialized for electron guns, ion guns, and X-rays.
Our electron gun (ion gun) power supply includes not only acceleration power supply but also filament power supply, suppressor power supply, and extractor power supply as standard specifications. Furthermore, a condenser/lens power supply and an object/lens power supply can also be built in.
Of course, we also respond to the demands for highly versatile high-voltage single output power supplies and constant-voltage constant-current (CV, CC) power supplies.

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