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High voltage power supply

High-voltage power supply/high-speed high-voltage amplifier
High speed high voltage amplifier

High-speed, high-voltage amplifier ideal for electrostatic lenses for electron beams and ion beams, and electrostatic deflection.
It can also be used to drive piezo elements, inorganic EL displays, MEMS, etc., which have been used in many applications in recent years.

HDS600 series...±600V bipolar high-speed high-voltage amplifier

The HDS600 series is a ±600V bipolar amplifier most suitable for electrostatic lens and electron beam deflection.
By building up the required number of AMP modules from 1 to 8 channels according to the application, it is easy to systemize according to the purpose.
Output of sine wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave, square wave, etc. is possible in synchronization with the external signal input ±10V signal.
Customization and OEM support are also possible according to the customer's system specifications.

High speed high voltage amplifier


±HV-AMP basic module

It is the basic module of HDS600. Customization is possible. For example, it is possible to change the outer shape of the case to a desktop type, or incorporate a DC source power supply into an integrated chassis.


±HV-AMP-6ch+source PS

This is an example where 6 channels of ±HV-AMP basic module and DC source power supply are installed in a dedicated rack. The basic module can incorporate any number from 1 to 6.


±HV-AMP-8ch+source PS

In this example, 8 channels of the ±HV-AMP basic module are loaded in a dedicated rack and the DC source power supply is placed separately. (Can be placed in another rack)

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