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High voltage power supply

High-voltage power supply/high-voltage floating power supply
High voltage floating power supply

This product uses the superimposing (floating) technology cultivated in the development of electron gun power supplies.

Floating technology involving high voltage such as filament heating power source for electron microscope, gallium heating power source for FIB device, and ion source for mass spectrometer is an important technology in all fields of scientific instruments and semiconductor devices.
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High voltage floating power supply

VH30KI-24-24W High voltage (30KV) DC-DC converter

Applications: Ideal for ion sources of mass spectrometers and initial development of SEM.
DC-DC converter specially designed as a floating power supply for high voltage units.
It is a high voltage floating power supply that can output up to 1A by inputting 24VDC and outputting the same voltage.
The primary and secondary sides are completely electrically isolated.

*The standard specification is 30kV withstanding voltage, but up to 50kV is available as a special order.

Ultra low ripple noise, high stability constant voltage power supply ALR series

Achieves the same high performance as the FLR series, but at a lower price!
● The specifications are optimal for research and development of charged particle beam applications such as electron sources, ion sources, electrostatic lenses, etc. that require high precision, and for initial experiments.
● Manual operation with simple multi-dial.
● A ripple monitor terminal is equipped as standard to check the rectification ripple of the power supply itself and the discharge waveform on the high-voltage output side (load side).

*The standard specification is 5kV withstand voltage, but a custom order is available up to 10kV.

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