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Technical information

Technical information/ODM (contract design and manufacturing)
ODM (Contract design/manufacturing)

In order to respond to the various needs of high-voltage power supplies and various electronic application devices to the maximum extent, Fuetex strives to be flexible by working on the latest technology of the times.
Please see the case examples below.

ODM case study

Case1: We want you to handle everything from design to trial production and evaluation tests.

Futex specializes in helping you from the design stage! Based on the customer's specifications, we will perform circuit design, sheet metal design, component selection, material arrangement, prototype, basic adjustment, evaluation test on behalf of the customer. Doesn't it mean that you have staff but you can't help? That's when Futex comes into play!

Example) This is a request from an optical equipment manufacturer. We hope that the existing UV light source power supply will be Pb (lead)-free and that its functionality will be improved. However, the inventory was low and it was quite urgent. The major issue in this project was how to select lead-free components that were easily available from the design stage. In addition, the design period of the current product was old and it was necessary to revisit the circuit drastically, but we were able to complete the evaluation test at the last minute and deliver by the customer's shipping deadline.

Case2: We want to support small lots and one unit (one-off)

Futex mainly consists of industrial equipment such as electronic equipment. Most of the projects ordered by us have a lot number of 10 or less. There are many requests that we want to manufacture only one with a custom order, and we have many achievements, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Example) This is a request from a manufacturer of scientific equipment. From the end user, it was an absolute requirement for purchasing the equipment, and I asked them to make an additional custom-made functional unit. We were able to handle the circuit design, sheet metal design, and functional test in a very short delivery time, and we were very pleased by the customer. In this case, it was a complete one-off (one unit only), but a similar model is an optional product, and we have about 10 continuous orders per year.

Case3: We want you to respond including the procurement of materials

There are a lot of projects. Especially with recent equipment, a large number of electronic parts are used, so the number of management items increases, and it seems that there are many companies who find it extremely difficult to adjust inventory parts. At Futex, we have many electronic parts trading companies as suppliers, so material procurement is one of our specialty areas. Please leave it to us, including material procurement.

Example) At Futex, we have constructed a material procurement system for small lots and a wide variety of products. The parts procurement network also secures many trading companies and manufacturers as suppliers, so stable parts supply is possible. The image shows the struggle of a material procurement operator who is investigating the distribution inventory of disco parts.

Case4: We would like to promote fabless, so please cooperate.

Many manufacturers are working to reduce fixed costs, but an increasing number of companies are completely outsourcing their production departments and outsourcing them. At Futex, we have built our own material procurement system to meet such needs. By all means, let Futex handle the processes from ordering materials to managing inventory for your company. We would be grateful if you could play a part in innovation by making your company fabless.

Example: The customer introduced here is company A, a medical sales company that has succeeded in securing its position as a manufacturer without having a production plant or development section. Company A, which imports and sells medical devices and devices for esthetics, consulted with us after receiving a voice from a doctor at a hospital where she was operating, saying "It would be convenient if we could make such a device." The product in the photo was developed and commercialized by Futex on behalf of Company A.

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