Gun power supply, high-voltage power supply, a ion gun power supply, an X ray and a custom-made power supply are to FUTEX of high-voltage power supply and equipment of electronic applications.

You can commit FUTEX to do from design to assemble!
Only one unit or small numbers of units in a lot are acceptable. FUTEX can complete the products as doing from procurement of material to completing the product.
This is the high performance service with making the high added value also it can be done by only FUTEX with high technology and experience.
FUTEX's sales points!
☆Small numbers of units in a lot or only one unit are acceptable.
☆You can commit FUTEX to complete the product from procurement of material (electric parts, panel, machined components and cable)!
◎Kyoko Fukuda is in charge. Please ask her for detail.

Engineers/the technical engineering group challenging the latest technology.

The specialist engineers who can design or manufacture are in FUTEX. The technical skill of increasing speed, saving energy and smaller design using the latest devices shows a lot of the results that FUTEX has done for a long time in the scientific instruments.
FUTEX consider that want to keep being the technical group challenging the latest technology to make the customer a happy.

Technical skill / The technical skill that is able to have the skill which is from the planning to manufacture.

FUTEX’s development division feels proud that the enough technical skill including the design from product planning, the software development and rework for mechanical design and trial manufacture is in FUTEX.
In case of the repeated requirements, FUTEX contributes to the customers to make cost down using VE (Value Engineering) method.

Production system/ Production system that realize to improve quality control and short delivery time.

FUTEX is doing the best to make ultra-short delivery time which is needed in this time as improving the technology. The production system including the procurement by FUTEX own Cooperated companies in FUTEX network can produce the products that is high added value products which is difficult to produce so far as keeping short delivery time.

Network/ Unnecessary cost cut using the procurement network

One of the troubles the production companies have is the small amount of procurement in a lot. This procurement system sometime may increase the unnecessary inventory or unnecessary human resource. These unnecessary things may make the cost up then these may make the long delivery time. Ended up these happens may lose the trust from the customer.
The global procurement is also possible because there are the trading companies located in the overseas in FUTEX procurement network. FUTEX contributes to make the trust from the customers.

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