Gun power supply, high-voltage power supply, a ion gun power supply, an X ray and a custom-made power supply are to FUTEX of high-voltage power supply and equipment of electronic applications.

Case studies

FUTEX is keeping mind the flexible correspondence through the latest technologies to correspond the requirement of high voltage power supply and the instrument on application of electron.
Please see shown below as for instance

Case studies of ODM

Case 1: Is it possible to correspond from design and trial manufacture to evaluation of the product?

FUTEX is skillful to support design! FUTEX can do the electric circuit, chassis design, selection of parts, and procurement of material, trial manufacturing and evaluation based on the customerユs specification. Are there any problem like not to proceed the project even the stuff are there? Itユs FUTEX turn at such situation!
For example) This is the requirement from optics instrument company. The requirement is to improve the performance with Pb 8Lead) free on the power supply for UV that is present product. The improvement is higher priority but there is small number of products in inventory.
In this case, the problem was how quick procuring the Pb free parts. Although the circuit designs if present product is needed to review, the product was redesigned under PB free and inspection test can be done then was shipped to the customer.

Case 2: Is it possible to respond small number of units in a lot or just one unit (One off)?

The industrial instrument using electron application is main business of FUTEX. The purchase order FUTEX gas received is for small number of unit in a lot. The number of unit in a lot most of the case is less than 10. メThe special specification for just one unitモ is also acceptable. So please do not hesitate to contact FUTEX.
For example) This is request from scientific instrument company. They have received purchase order with adding a special performed unit on it. They asked for FUTEX to design. This case is one off case however FUTEX designed it. Ended up the special performed unit became standard. They could receive more than 10 orders.

Case3:Case 3: Is it possible to correspond including procurement of parts?

There are many cases same as this. The companies having the problems not to manage the parts in inventory because the electric parts are getting complicated. AS FUTEX has a lot of procurement agents to procure FUTEX is good for procurement of the parts.
For example) FUTEX has built the system to procure different kinds and purpose of the parts and material for small number of unit in a lot. As FUTEX has reserved procurement network such as procurement agents and manufacture companies constant procurement of parts is possible.
The photo shows the operatorwho is trying to search the discontinued parts aagresibly..

Case 4: Is it possible to get the cooperation of making fab-less system.

Many companies consider reducing the fixed cost. The companies that are trying to make subcontract manufacture system are increasing. FUTEX has configured the procurement system to response such requirement. Please ask for FUTEX to procure the part, manufacture and inventory management. FUTEX contributes you make the fab-less system.
For example) This example is the medical equipment sales company which does not have manufacture and development facility but got the success as the medical equipment sales company.
A company to import and sell medical equipment and esthetic machine has been asked some doctor in a hospital it is useful if the equipment like this. Then A company has asked FUTEX to do this. FUTEX has developed instead of A company. The photo shows the product.

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