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Recruitment information
Recruitment information

At Futex, we use high-voltage power supplies for electron and ion beams, as well as scientific equipment, medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and other industrial equipment. We are handling functional units of.
With us, we are looking for colleagues who challenge the cutting edge of the times and create the future with technology!

Recruiting data

If there are more than the maximum number of applicants, we will give priority to those who apply directly to us rather than those who apply through a recruitment agency.
[Recruitment occupation] 1. Skilled workers (electronic circuit design, system design, farm design, trace, electrical adjustment, assembly/wiring)
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Eligibility for application

Job category Skilled worker
Recruiting personnel Some names
education High school graduate (new graduate) or above
qualification Educational background, nationality, gender regardless, experience regardless, ordinary license required, age up to about 35 years old. It will be judged by an ability test after an interview.
The absolute requirement is that you love manufacturing that makes full use of electronic technology.
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Application method Resume (if you have experience, attach a resume of work) by mail, or by email with an attached file.
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employment form Please contact us for regular employees, parts, part-time jobs, etc.
Work location Headquarters (2-28-3 Fukushima-cho, Akishima-shi, Tokyo)


salary We will treat you based on your ability and experience.
Salary increase/bonus There is a salary increase, bonuses twice a year (summer and winter)
holiday/vacation Saturdays and Sundays (two days off per week), public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, annual paid leave
Working hours 8:30~17:30
Benefits Complete social insurance
Other Please contact us at the time of the interview for details.
contact Please contact the following for details.
Person in charge: To Fukuda → email:fukuda@futex.jp

If there are more than the maximum number of applicants, we will give priority to those who apply directly to us rather than those who apply through the recruitment agency. 
This is a recruitment guideline for the current recruitment at Futex.
Download your resume here. → Resume format for application (word format .doc)

Application details

Qualification requirements

Job type Application Qualification Overview Recruiting personnel
Technical position (design/electrical adjustment)
<Power Supply Division/Technology Department>
Technical high school graduate
College graduate
Graduated from Science University
* Or equivalent knowledge
There is no problem if you have basic knowledge and motivation of mathematics, physics, electromagnetics, and electronic circuits. We will work on functional units such as scientific instruments, semiconductor devices, electrical design of power supply (analog circuit, digital circuit), trace, electrical adjustment, firmware design, logic design by VHDL language such as FPGA, ASIC, CPLD.
0 people
(Recruit at any time)
Skilled worker (assembly wiring/inspection)
<Power Supply Division/Manufacturing Department>
<EMS Division/Manufacturing Department>
Technical high school graduate
College graduate
Graduated from Science University
*Even if you do not take a specialized course and you like “Monozukuri”, it is possible.
We perform assembly wiring, inspection, electrical adjustment, shipping test, etc. of the electric system unit. Since it is a small lot and a wide variety of products, it is different from routine work in line work. It is a job type that requires "sense of monozukuri".
If you have the qualities of the person, you can transfer to a designing job if you wish.
0 people
Material procurement staff (purchasing/ordering)
<Power Supply Division/Materials Department>
High school graduate or higher
Knowledge of electrical and electronic parts is a plus.
Order management work for electrical/electronic parts, assembly wiring, printed circuit board mounting, sheet metal processing, etc.
Experience will be welcome.
*Work styles are regular employees and part-timers
0 people
Inexperienced person
(New graduates, existing graduates)
If you want to be a designer, there is no problem if you have a basic knowledge of math, physics, electromagnetics, electronic circuits and "motivation". Ideally, you should have studied at a science university, technical college, or technical high school, but if you have the same skills, there is no problem. If you want a manufacturing job, you don't need academic elements such as mathematics, physics, or electromagnetics, but it is essential that you love Monozukuri.
Experienced person
(Mid-career recruitment)
The ideal person is a person who can design all electric circuits regardless of analog or digital. It is preferable if firmware design (C language required) and logic design in VHDL language such as FPGA, ASIC, CPLD are possible. This is a creative work related to cutting-edge science and technology products.

Application method

Application method Resume can be mailed or emailed as an attachment.
For format, please use the exclusive resume format (word format .doc). (Please note the following points)
・Attach a face photo taken within 3 months
・A work resume should be attached separately (only for experienced people) Format does not matter.
・Enter the motivation to apply
・Enter the desired job category and anything you would like to do after joining the company
Application destination 2-28-3 Fukushimacho, Akishima City, Tokyo 196-0031, Japan
Futex Co., Ltd.
Human Resources Officer Yasunari Fukuda
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following (only by email).
Person in charge: To Fukuda → email:fukuda@futex.jp
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Email inquiries are accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!


Phone response time: Weekdays 8:30 to 17:30 (regular holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)