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High voltage power supply

High-voltage power supply/other products
Other products

It is possible to add or change the function according to the application you have.

Our electron gun power supplies, high-voltage power supplies, and custom-made power supplies are compatible with the addition and modification of functions according to each customer's application.
We may be able to support products other than those introduced here.
If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us.

Other products of high voltage power supply

High voltage bushing system (high voltage connectors, receptacles)

We will custom-manufacture high-voltage bushing systems up to 200kV. In order to prevent troubles due to high electric fields in the connectors of high voltage plugs and high voltage receptacles, we have made use of our experience-based know-how, such as installing an electric field relaxation ring. We manufacture the optimum bushing system according to the customer's required specifications such as the number of electrodes and voltage.

Remote controller(HVRMT-I、HVRMT-E)

A remote controller developed exclusively for the IB303 and FE303 series. We have HVRMT-I for ion gun power supply series and HVRMT-E for electron gun power supply series. We will support customization as with the main unit of the high-voltage power supply. It can also be incorporated into the panel of the high-voltage power supply body.

Operation software(HVOPE-I、HVOPE-E)

Operation software developed exclusively for the IB303 and FE303 series. In addition to setting various power supply voltages and real-time monitoring function, a sequence editor function is provided as standard, which allows easy setting for automatic and sequential control of each power supply startup. We will customize and deliver the GUI and functions according to the original customization and the addition of options.

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