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Technical information

Technical information/Sure quality and technology
Solid quality and technology

The history of manufacturing and the crystal of know-how It's futex quality
Futex's "manufacturing" began a long time ago with a town factory. How to make the best use of customer requests in products-,
Focusing only on that, we have accumulated know-how over the years. We provide high value-added services with the latest technology.

Sure quality and technology

Three factors that support futex quality

The products we offer, including high-voltage power supplies boasting top-class performance in the industry, and high-value-added high-tech equipment such as scientific and industrial equipment, are the culmination of know-how accumulated by our specialists over many years. .. We will contribute to your business with reliable technology and quality.

①Technical ability to challenge the cutting edge of the times and consistently handle planning, manufacturing and VE
②Production system that realizes quality control and short-term delivery
③Global material procurement network that can reduce unnecessary costs

Quality Policy

We place the highest priority on customer trust and satisfaction, and always strive to provide advanced products and services. To achieve this, we will build a world-class quality management system and continue to pursue improvements.

①We recognize that our business has value only when it contributes to the development of our customer business.
②Strive to discover potential needs in order to accurately grasp customer needs.
③Conduct independent quality improvement activities to provide quality that meets customer needs.
④In order to pursue high quality, we constantly review the quality management system and continuously improve its effectiveness.

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