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High voltage power supply

High-voltage power supply/other special power supply
Other special power supply

High-voltage power supply for special applications. There are many other achievements for various applications.

At Futex, we have a large number of custom order achievements for semiconductor devices and scientific equipment using charged particle beams.
Here are just a few examples.

Other special power supply

FAG502-5KV electron gun power supply for Auger electron spectroscopy (CMA)

This product was developed for Auger electron spectroscopy (CMA). It is possible to control the thermionic gun and CMA spectrometer with high precision.

ESL102XP 4-channel output electrostatic lens power supply

Applications: 4-channel high-voltage power supply developed for controlling electrostatic lenses in EOS columns for low-acceleration electron beam applications. Of the 4 channels, 2 channels have a polar output and the polarity can be switched by a panel switch or external control.

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