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Ultrasonic applied equipment

Ultrasonic/Ultrasonic applied equipment/Ultrasonic cutter
Ultrasonic cutter

Ultrasonic application evaluation unit

Ultrasonic cutter

Main Specifications

・Input: AC85-240V (50Hz/60Hz)
・Output power: 10W-60W
・Oscillation frequency: 16Hz-100kHz
・Number of outputs: 2 channels
・Automatic frequency tracking
・Digital volume (16bit)
・Stroke control of piezoelectric element is possible
・Automatic overload vibration control
・Automatic recognition of various handpieces
・Applicable range: Cutter, polishing, engraving


Ultrasonic cutter, ultrasonic scribing, ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic resin welder, ultrasonic homogenizer, piezo element test, etc.

We are currently developing an ultrasonic cutter handpiece for film.

・There is no melting of the cut surface due to heat.
・There is no sharpness on the cut surface.
・Variable frequency according to the object.

Ultra-precision cutting processing example

Material: Polyimide tape thickness 100.00µm The following is a photograph taken by comparing the cut surface of polyimide tape cut with an ultrasonic cutter with an optical microscope.

Ultrasonic cutter cutting width comparison
Other company Made by futex
Inclination angle:0°

Ultrasonic cutter cutting width comparison (tilt angle 17°)
Other company Made by futex
Inclination angle:17°

Example of ultrasonic cleaner

Material: Aluminum foil piece Frequency: 39.5kHz

Stationary 2 minutes after the start of washing

Very small bubbles (cavitation) are generated by generating sound waves in super water.

The above is the state when the thin aluminum foil is destroyed by the shock wave of fine bubbles.

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