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High voltage power supply

Q & A

Here, we introduce the frequently asked questions to our company and divide them into the fields of "high voltage power supply" and "ODM business".
* ODM (Own Design Manufacturing = contract design manufacturing service). For more information, please see →ODM (Contract design/manufacturing).

High-voltage power supply

Q1Can the specifications such as voltage and ripple be changed after the product is completed?
The output voltage can be increased or decreased by about 20%. Regarding ripple, it is basically difficult to deal with, but we will consider dealing with it by paying a modification cost separately.
We are good at customizing. Please feel free to contact us.
Q2To what extent can you customize the external shape of the high-voltage power supply unit?
Basically, you can select the rack mount type or the type that mounts vertically under the equipment base. In addition, please feel free to contact us as all products can be manufactured with special dimensions.
However, since it is a unit that contains high voltage, there is a limit to the demand for "minimum and thin". Please pardon.
Q3To what extent can the output voltage and current be supported?
Our company basically supports up to 50KV/250μA (Bipolar) with our original air insulation method. For output voltage higher than 150KV, up to 150KV can be supported, but it is the current situation that the insulation withstand voltage cannot be secured unless the high-voltage power tank is filled with SF6 gas.
Q4How do you check the matching between the device and the high voltage power supply?
We perform matching work by docking with an actual electron microscope (SEM) or FIB device. The specific contents are as follows. 
1. Intentionally generate a voltage fluctuation and check the response time (check for high-voltage output oscillation and discharge reaction).
2. Make sure that the noise of the high-voltage power supply does not adversely affect the equipment (frequency analysis by FFT analyzer).
3. Perform the grounding work between the high-voltage power supply and the main body of the device while checking the SEM image.
Q5I want to control each high voltage output voltage sequentially...
Dedicated software (for PC) is available as an option. Acceleration/deceleration of each output voltage and sequential control are possible, and each output value is displayed on the PC monitor in real time. It is very effective software for system development and R&D by charged particle beam application equipment.
For software details, refer to "Operation software".
Q6Does your product comply with CE marking and UL standards?
Sorry, we do not currently support this. We have designed to reduce radiated noise as much as possible, but we would appreciate it if the customer's system side could provide comprehensive support.
Q7What is the lead time from order to delivery?
Approximately 3 months for a standard specification product. Approximately 6 months for custom-made products.
Q8What is your service structure? What should I do if something goes wrong?
Basically, there is a free repair period for one year after shipment. We will return it to our company and replace it with a replacement product or repair it. We are trying to respond promptly.
For details, please refer to "About repair and service system".
Q9I would like to know the price of each of your products...
Since all of our products are custom products, the list price is not specified. For reference, the price is around 2 million yen for the standard specifications of the FIB general-purpose device (FE303XS).
In addition, if you place a repeat order or order in a large number of lots, we may offer a special price. Please feel free to contact us, especially if repeat orders are required.
Q10What kind of insulation is air insulation?
Air insulation does not mean that the entire high-voltage generating part is filled with air (space), but partly uses the individual mold insulation method. However, the high voltage part is floating (high impedance) due to the insulating material. As a result, about 80% of the volume of the high pressure generating part is air (space).
The atmosphere inside the tank is ideally dry air.
For details, please refer to "What is the insulation concept of the high voltage power supply manufactured by Futex?"
Q11What is the communication specification between the high voltage power supply and the main unit?
Basically, it is only necessary to match the communication commands of our specifications, but we also offer a custom order after a separate meeting. Especially, for the man-machine interface on the device side, we can also provide control software compatible with Active X. Please contact us for details.
Q12What is the highest spec of your high voltage power supply at present?
30KV Acceleration voltage stability 5ppm/℃/hour, ripple noise is 30mV (1ppm). 
With 50KV accelerating voltage stability of 5ppm/℃/hour, ripple noise is 50mV (1ppm).

ODM Business

Q1Can you handle only consistent work from design to manufacturing?
Please don't worry. Many of our customers have completed the design and are requesting manufacturing and adjustment. Of course, we also support if you want to request even design and trial production. Please feel free to contact us.
Q2Can you support small lot products or one unit (one off)?
Yes. Most customers dealing with us have lots of 10 units or less. Of course, we also accept custom-made one unit only. We also accept consultation regarding short delivery times.
Q3Is it possible to perform adjustments and tests as well as manufacturing?
Yes. Please leave it to me. From basic adjustment of a single board to comprehensive testing of the entire device is possible. For the first lot products, we are able to offer consultations from the preparation of adjustment procedures to the preparation of formats such as test reports and jig design.
Q4Can you procure materials even in a small lot?
Yes. We accept consultations from one lot. We procure all materials including electronic parts, sheet metal and machined products. For custom products, custom-made products, etc., it is also possible for the customer to store the vendor data and place an order from us. In addition, if you have a stock of parts, etc., we can supply it until the parts are exhausted.
Our strength is that we can deliver finished products to our customers by only issuing one voucher to us. By unifying the management items, we will greatly contribute to the simplification of your management work and provide flexible support.
Q5I would like to request from the development design. Is it okay if there is no design specification?
Please leave it to us. From the stage of creating specifications, we will proceed with the project together with the customer. Our technical staff will conduct hearings and propose design specifications that meet your requirements.
Q6The product life is long, and we often have to deal with discontinued parts. Can we do that?
Please leave it to us. This is a field that Futex is good at. We will research target parts using our global material procurement network, and at the same time, we will propose alternative parts research and equivalent circuit design.
* Proposals for renewal design
"Renewal design" is a new redesign. Especially for products with a long product life, the parts used in the circuit are often discontinued. In such a case, it is possible to take measures against future risks by not only replacing the discontinued part with a replacement product but also redesigning the peripheral circuit. I will. Also, by making full use of the latest devices, it is possible to reduce the number of parts and add value such as higher performance and downsizing.
Q7Is it possible to mount lead-free printed circuit boards with mixed chip (SMT) components and dip (lead) components?
There is basically no problem. It can be used for both surface mount and dip parts, and also for mixed mounting. However, we cannot meet the request for soldering with dips by specifying parts that are not lead-free. The reason is that the lead solder melts out to our dip layer and the dip layer becomes unusable. Please note.
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