Gun power supply, high-voltage power supply, a ion gun power supply, an X ray and a custom-made power supply are to FUTEX of high-voltage power supply and equipment of electronic applications.

*ODM: :Original Design Manufacture Please see ODM for detail.

High voltage power supply section

Inquiries of high voltage power supply for the charged particle beam for instance the electron beam or ion beam.

Detail for high voltage power supply


The inquiries of FUTEXユs ODM business

Detail for ODM

High voltage power supply

The descriptions below are questions and answers of high voltage power supply for electron beram or ion beam.

Is it possible to change the specification of high voltage output or ripple voltage after completing the product?
Yes.ア20% of output voltage is possible. In case of increasing ripple voltage, it is very hard on original design but we can redesign with additional purchase order.
FUTEX has much more experience to modify the original product. Please do not hesitate to ask FUTEX the modifications you need.
Is it possible to change the unit dimension? If Yes, how big change modification is possible?
Yes, FUTEX can change unit dimension based on the customerユs requirement. There are two types of units which are rack mount type and stand-alone type but FUTEX can change design based on the customerユs specification as special product. The specification will be discussed. . There is a limitation to change the smaller and thinner requirement because we cannot take enough distance not make a discharge problem.
What output voltage or current are increasing to?
Basically, FUTEX takes air isolation system up to 50kV (Both polarity)/250_A. FUTEX can also make the power supply over 50kV to 150kV however in case of over 50kV FUTEX has to use SF6 gas as isolation gas in high voltage tank.
What is the procedure of confirming the system adjustment between the instrument and power supply?
FUTEX usually tests and adjusts the power supply using the SEM or FIB. The adjustment detail is shown below.
1 To confirm the response time as generating voltage change intentionally. (Confirming the oscillation of output voltage of high voltage power supply and discharge at output)
2 To confirm the noise at output if it is low enough and to confirm not to give the instrument bad influence. (Frequency analysis using FFT (Fast Fourier Transfer) analyzer).
3 To make right GND connection between the power supply and SEM as confirming the noise at SEM side.
Is it possible to control the output voltage sequentially?
Yes, the software for PC has been provided as an option. It can control all functions in the unit and also can show present the output voltage and current on a monitor. It is useful tool for developing the instrument using the charged particle beam.
Please see the operation software for detail.
Is possible to receive the interlock signal from the system?
Yes, basically, the vacuum interlock and the door (panel) open-close interlock are acceptable. The additional interlock also acceptable as an option.
CE or UL approved?
All FUTEXユs products currently havenユt been approved yet by CE or UL.
How long does it take to delivery from order?
About 3 month for the standard specification. About 6 month for special specification.
In case of the power supply failures. What service systems are provided?
There is warranty for one year after the inspection done. Main service system is replacement. The failure unit back to FUTEX. The replacement unit is sent to the customer then FUTEX fixes the trouble of the unit. After fixing the trouble, the fixed unit is sent to the customer then replacement unit back to FUTEX.
Please see service support for detail.
The price range?
The prices are not on list because all products are produce under special specification. So the price is decided every order. The power supply (FE303XPA) TFE (Thermals Field Emission) gin price is about \3M as reference.
The prices are flexible by repeat order or mass order. Please do not hesitate to ask us about price.
What is air isolation?
FUTEX does not take air isolation in whole area of high voltage generation. FUTEX takes the solid isolation as well. The high voltage area is isolated by solid isolation. Therefore the 80% of the high voltage generation area is isolated by the air.
Furthermore the air is required dried air.
Please see the concept of FUTEX high voltage isolation.
How the specifications of the system communications between high voltage and the instrument are made?
Basically the system communication should meet the FUTEX communication specifications. However FUTEX will make the new communication based on the customerユs specification. Particularly in case of instrument side man-machine interface FUTEX can provide the control software for ActiveX.
What is the best specification of FYTEX high voltage power supply?
5ppm/℃/hour as the voltage stability on the accelerating voltage 30kV. 30mV as ripple noise.
5ppm/℃/hour as the voltage stability on the accelerating voltage 50kV. 50mV as ripple noise.

ODM of scientific instrument and the industrial instrument is one of the FUTEXユs key business as well as the high voltage power supply business for the charged particle beam like an electron gun or an ion gun. These descriptions explain what FUTEXユs ODM is.
ODM (original Design manufacture) means design and manufacture contract service.

Is only the contract from the design to manufacture accepted?
No need to worry about it. There are a lot of the customers requiring only manufacture and adjustments also there are a lot of the customers requiring the design and the trial manufacture only.
Is it possible to be accepted small number of products or only one product?
Yes, most of the FUTEXユs customers ask for less than 10 products. The special specification is also acceptable.
Is it possible to ask not only manufacture but also the adjustment and trial manufacture only?
Yes, you can do it. It is possible to ask from adjusting one PC board assemble to the unit assemble and adjustment. Also it is possible to take supporting to create the adjustment manual and inspection sheet for first product and to make testing jig.
Is it possible to ask small number of procuring the parts?
Yes, FUTEX can procure the necessary parts for only one unit. FUTEX can procure electric parts, decorated panel for the unit and machined component. FUTEX can procure almost all necessary parts. In case of order made parts, FUTEX borrows the data from the customer then being able to procure that part. Also in case of the parts in inventory at customer site, FUTEX will try to spend such parts at first.
 The feature of FUTEX is that FUTEX can complete the product in only one voucher which the customer has sent. So that FUTEX contributes to save cost at customer site because the management items are getting uniform as using FUTEX ODM system.
Is it possible to ask from development to manufacture with no specification?
Yes, FUTEX can support to make the specification with customer. The technical engineers try to hear the information from the customer then propose the specification the customer needs.
Is it possible to support the situation of discontinuing parts used in the long life product?
Yes, this is the feature of FUTEX. As FUTEX has global part procurement network, FUTEX can research and get them. If the part has been discontinued already, FUTEX can research secondly part or can design the circuit having same function as original circuit has.
* About propose of redesign. “Renewal design” is just to design something new using original design. Particularly in case of the long life product the part on the PC board often has been discontinued to produce. In that situation FUTEX tries not only finding the replacement but also redesigning the new circuit having the same function and capability not to make to cause the same trouble again. Also FUTEX takes the latest part to the PC board to make better capability and downsizing.
Is it possible to make the chip part and DIP part combined PC board with no lead solder?
Basically Yes. FUTEX can make the PC board with combining surface mount and DIP part. However in case of the customer has specified the part not for lead free and also required DIP, FUTEX cannot accept it. The reason is that if to use the part with lead in FUTEX lead free solder container for DIP, FUTEX lead free container for DIP will be contaminated.

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